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The goal of the wiki is not to provide just another wiki but to centralize informations relative to Linux in a first time but with the possibility to be extended to Windows and Unix system at term.

You are welcome on our Forums to discuss about Linux, if you need help to solve a problem or whatever!


Rules are quite simple:

  • Be as general as possible
  • Be environment independent (nothing specific to your domain name, IP network, etc. instead try to replace by "server1" or use a private IP address like 192.168.0.x)
  • Write in English
  • Avoid to write a already existing page (use the search function before creating a new page)
  • Use Mediawiki syntax to highlight codes etc. (A more detailed description of the this point will be added later and a template will be provided, from now look at already existing page or ask questions on the forums)
  • No screenshots only how to will be allowed, please write text with it.
  • Screenshots should be correctly cropped to display only useful information
  • External links at the end of the article are welcome
  • Keep the content up to date, if you find a non working howto please open a topic on the forum.
  • Please try to put a # before each command that you provide which should be launched as root, and a $ before each other. (This apply on commands, not on the content of a text file).
  • No Trolls..